I3 Config Changes?

So, EndeavourOS makes considerable configuration changes to i3, I am not sure why it does this but I installed i3 from the installer for the OS. Is there any documentation of these changes? There are changes to keyboard shortcuts, theming and other things.(mainly concerned about keyboard shortcuts). Is there any way to reset defaults in i3 or should I just do clean install of i3 and what is the best way to do that?

Oh, forgot to mention that there are also changes to dmenu, how do I make it go to the top bar rather than have a centered menu.

I3 on EndeavourOS is not vanilla, but you can install vanilla when untagging the theming/setup package on install.

in panel there is a keyboard icon to click on what will show main keybindings… and pressing F1 opens a rofi helper to show all keybindings.

and resetting i3 is simple you can remove the config files:

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It’s easy to miss, but on the Calamares installer there is a checkbox to de-select eos customization, separate from installing the package itself.

Actually that’s rofi, not dmenu.

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