I3 bar audio % displaying incorrectly

everything default apart from some things in the bar disabled, the bar shows 5% but in pavucontrol the speakers are set to 37% trying to change volume in general by using the scroll wheel on the bar shows weird behavior. Using the multimedia keys works fine (5% increments in pavucontrol, still glitched on i3bar)

could be you have more than one audio device?
volume scroll from the bar working fine here.

@con “Incorrect” may be in ears of the beholder. My i3bar shows a % that never matches what’s shown elsewhere - I see different % shown for speakers, % shown for headphones, etc.

In my experience, these % figures are simply reflecting different points along the audio signal chain. If you’ve spent time with audio mixing/mastering, this is a desirable feature - not a bug.

I use my i3 bar speaker icon/setting as a master audio bus, and then temper the various input feeds (for YouTube playback, VLC, whatever) at other entry points in the overall signal chain.

This lets me adjust the overall “loudness” of everything from the i3 bar while adjusting the individual components, well, … individually.

Does this address what you mean by seeing different % in different locations, or are you experiencing something else perhaps?

2 Audio devices, headphones and speakers

you should check what is enabled in pacvucontrol config tab, I bet if you have only the device enabled that you use the % should be even.

You could be right, as when the output is set to 100%, it shows 100% on i3bar, however when setting it to 15% i3bar shows 0% which i find kinda weird, especially as i have all playback sources always set to 100%, i only ever adjust the output device. Is there a way for i3bar to show just the output device volume?

Disabling output devices changes nothing, i assume @ejm is right as what he’s saying would check out.

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but seems not to happen in every setup for me it is 100% even if I have only one active device:

anyway, the script used is old already… if someone find a better one I am open to implement it :wink:
and it can set a instance what is set to use Master pd:





you could try to comment it …

That’s already the script being used in i3blocks.conf
I’ve tried looking in /scripts/volume too but I don’t see anything that could be causing this.

Hmm… I’m seeing 10% in both locations, not 100% … am I looking in the wrong place? (Or by 100% do you mean a 1-to-1 match?)

yes exactly for me it has even output same same

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Interesting - but this makes sense to me.

If you had multiple audio units/effects arranged in series, then the i3 bar and the individual components might not be the same in reported audio volume.

But when you have a single component - or if multiple components are arranged in parallel - I would not expect there to be any difference between the individual components and the master bus affecting the combined signal chain.

Then again, this is how it would work on an audio mixing board. So perhaps I’m wrong about how this is “wired” on the Linux/i3 bar desktop apps… and/or am just dragging others through the weeds.

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