I will no longer be using Endeavour OS

You can thank whosoever decided that a password manager is mandatory for my install.

By the time you have read this i will have wiped the partition from my hard drive.

Good riddance. This is the very reason i don’t use gentoo. later.

What are you referring to? What desktop did you install?

just went to update my mate de. it asked me to choose gnome-keyring or keypassx. there was no option to update without one or the other…

I really don’t know much about it but i assume it’s part of the gnome group when installed.

it install automatically on mate DE if i remember right . no 100% sure

i have mate installed on my arch install. just updated it and wasn’t required to install for the update there. this is endeavour os specific.

Keypassx has secret in the package and its a part of optional depency…gnomekeyring using there own datanase but van use the freedesktop secret of keepassx its not really a mate thing. Can be due on xfce also or gnome

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I think found like this

Part of Seahorse app dependency - https://archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/seahorse/
Included in newest install iso - https://github.com/endeavouros-team/install-scripts/blob/d380b27bc02a1f7eec8e8b2958040ffe879a878a/netinstall.yaml#L192

Yah my statement wasn’t a question about what those things were. My statement is directed at endeavour os devs who are requiring the use of a password manager. They are a no-go at this station. I won’t use any os that requires me to use them. No thank you buh-bye

Thank you for all the fish. And have safe travels elsewhere in the Linux land.

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I must be stupid, but I don’t get it at all. Do you have to have a password manager? Sounds crazy.

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What is it required by if you don’t mind?

pacman -Qi gnome-keyring

Edit: nevermind oddly enough the @CIA got it already. Seahorse

Crazy right

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It’s always sad to see people overreact… :frowning:


it even sadder when people put arbitrary requirements on using their software.

All the best and do not forget: Keep your distance … :mask:


i dont give fish. i eat a plant based biblical diet. Yes yes Jesus ate fish but the world wasn’t as polluted then as now.

You should not give it either, it is meant for you alone.

LOL, why bother with a public post? Why not email the devs directly? Or post an issue at Github?