I want to report a bug on the budgie desktop, installed latte dock and plank , desktop icons launching YACReader each time I click on the icons on desktop

so I log into budge and open plank after closing lattle, anyway under budge desktop settings I turned on Desktop icons, each time I try to unmount a drive, or access the home folder it keeps launching YACReader - Yet Another Comic Reader - version on the budge desktop icons , what did I do to cause this and how do I fix it? I think I found a bug, it seems all the turn on desktop icons , right clicking to unmount drive is not working, and right click on open on home folder is launching YACReader software, again i don’t no how but I seem to of broken the budge desktop already.

the problem is only effecting budge desktop on endeavouros, I tried the desktop icons on MATE desktop its working fine, and does not launch YACReader from any of the desktop icons on MATE.

Is there any particular reason you use both dock apps? The two may collide.

what is inside: ~/.config/mimeapps.list ?
cat ~/.config/mimeapps.list
lopoks like something sets the wrong “open with”

currently I am in gnome I have to switch back to budgie but it shows this right now from the command, I think a few things are messed up , I noticed that microsoft edge is sync again on gnome, but on kde the same web browser is failling to sync my account in microsoft edge, its like when I log off gnome and go to kde its treating the web browser different, I am not sure about budgie but I check it out and reply back with its results here too. ok I just checked from budgie, microsoft edge is all its showing with that command. I noticed deepin desktop is not installed by endeavouros installer it must of forgot about it, in any case I am now installing deepin-desktop with yay -s command to see how or if it will run well.

[robert@robert-Gigabyte ~]$ cat ~/.config/mimeapps.list

[Default Applications]

only latte dock is loading by default with each kde plasma, gnome, MATE, cinnonmon etc, the plank is not auto loading at this time, its installed but not loading when logging in.
also I noticed Edge Apps under budgie menus system on budgie desktop, which only has The Roku Channel in it, which is funny since I don’t remember installing it, one of the desktops must of come with it I guess. I don’t think its related to the stable Microsoft edge browser as far as I know.

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