I understand now

Some people just wwant to see the world burn.


Jesus christ

It began with a heartwarming story how software empowered a user to do whatever they want.

It ended badly.

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@SuppaMan When I troubleshoot my parents computers this is pretty standard picture. At least this man has about 30% of the space left and after that he can continue on the second monitor as well. :grinning:
Never thought there could be a problem: I can’t store more files on my computer because my monitor is too small. :rofl:
Also what is the animation? Does it randomly rearange the icons?

@Schlaefer In our country we have a saying (mostly fit for politics):

We meant well but it turned out as always.

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So what? If a man wants to have many icons on his desktop, that’s his business. It’s not DE’s business to tell him otherwise. Either he owns his computer, or he doesn’t.