I tried to do a review of Endeavour and got flamed by "hardcore users"

So I’m an active member of a tech forum in my country (Bulgaria) and I decided to share my positive experiences with Endeavour for other people that might be interested. All I got as responses were “oh here we go yet another shitty arch fork” , “it will be dead within a few months don’t listen to that guy” “just install arch bro what’s wrong with you” .
I feel like THIS is the problem with the community in general. What was a simple review stating my experience turned into an argument and a dick measuring contest. The ego on some of the “hardcore” guys is unbearable. Instead of at appreciating the effort that it took the devs combined with the fact that there is a lot to like in this distro they just resorted to endless flame and patronizing. I’m fuming right now, just wanted to vent.


You sholdn’t worry about that, in my opinion vast majority of people who really like the article or aprreciate it - don’t post anything, just read it, maybe get enthusiastic to install the distro and move on with web exploring. It’s obvious that those ‘hardcore’ users need to expose themselves, if they don’t like eos - who cares? Let them stick to arch.
Keep doing the good job, there are and will be people who’d aprreciate it. :+1:


Always there is someone with negative opinion. The people with positive opinion usually they dont write about it. Can you share the link of the review?


Hardcore will be always hardcore. If you defensive react on it , it always become way worse.

just give not to much intention to it, because the flame become way worse.


Don’t let haters bring you down. “vanilla arch” users will always hate other arch distros - some more than others ofc. Manjaro will always be the devil - while something like Antergos was kinda accepted among many Arch users. It isn’t so much about the installer as it is the extra repos and what they include. Like Antergos had their own theme and branding stuff but other than that they followed Arch - accepted (not without noise but still) Manjaro otoh have a total different approach where they hold back pkg - so they will never be accepted among “true” archers. When Judd Vinet built Arch one of the first things on his to do list was to make a “fancy” installer - it’s a fact. It was one of the most important things for him back at version 0.2 or something like that. Let haters be haters -and continue to look straight ahead. No need to look down in shame. There’s idiots in all communities - Linux or not - it’s just that the Arch morons are so noisy.

For anyone interested - interview with the Arch man himself - Judd Vinet from early 2003. It’s history people.


Hello @order
Like @patryk said, do not worry about that at all !
Have you got a blog or a place to share about your discoveries ?

Linux is something evolving day by day and the fact of many flavour/distro is proof that there is a Linux for everyone to be happy in life.

The reaction you got simply mean there is a wide open area before you out there, do not stick with your local community but reach out for more and you’ll make happy people.

Stay strong and keep pushing !

Blessings !


I have to say I was kinda hurt here. I’m a “vanilla arch” user since 2009.

Even if I did not like Antergos from a technical point of view because antergos repository was listed above the official ones, I think all this hatred is bad. And it is the worst thing to do.

Manjaro is for me Archlinux’s Ubuntu, in the historical meaning: a way to introduce people to Archlinux world in a softer way.

What is forgotten by the idiots writting that it is one of Archinux’s ugly shitty forks - without testing it - is that Endeavor is primarily a tool to install an Archlinux. This is why I help this project.

The third party repository? Mainly themes. I was able - as a moderator - to access a preview of the online installer. I tested it with Mate-Desktop and get an installation as clean as a classical one made following the wiki.

Idiots - to stay diplomatic - are everywhere. Linux world is another place you can find them.

Sorry for the bad words, I was upset and angry.


The same thing (somewhat) happened to me with the Manjaro community.

One day there was a creator of CondresOS on the forum. He (or she) introduced themselves, told of their project which was based on Manjaro. I replied back to them diplomatically and encouraged them to keep up the good work. Their main language was Italian and they were typing in English. Now sometimes when a person isn’t fluent in a second language points sometimes do not come across as they should. So I read between the lines, understood what they were saying, and had quite the pleasant chat with them.

Unfortunately, one of the founders of the Manjaro took offence to what the creator of CondresOS was trying to do, with his/her website, and proceeded to belittle the creator of CondresOS. That lead to a flame war from some of the community towards myself and the creator of CondresOS - of which I was quite shaken afterwards. Since then I have refused to use Manjaro or any distro that uses them as their base - because of that flame war.

The main point of that regretful interaction I had is this: Yeah the Internet world is full of flamers; and some thrive on flaming others - just because. But don’t let that deter you from wanting to find out more about Arch and writing about the experience. Your thoughts on reviewing Endeavour will absolutely help this distro grow. And I can honestly tell you: the flamers will be found out for who they are.

As my family says: Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, pick your chin up, and learn all the good things from the experience. And yes there is a lot of good to learn from any bad experience; all you have to do is find those good things!


its always a point, so far i see condres is not exact build on manjaro, its build on arch. only took the tools of manjaro probably also the Blog style of communicating. there will always be people that is offensive, also that certain arch users find it offensive that manjaro take arch-stable as example. even ubuntu does use debian-unstable. it is just how the water flows. at the end every distro does its own doing. Thats fine. one can have a point but it get driven to far. that does not help. on the blog also see that condres also doing its own kernel maintainance but flame wars never end at the end. because users form groups some are extreme and some are flexible.

i think is just the nature what your believe at the end thats what world works on a way is it not software is it something else.

Only what i got dificulties if you as distro gona find some new users on there forum’s that can cause always issues. i dont think condres is based on manjaro but is like manjaro how it works probably.


The first time I saw penguin007 on this forum, it struck a chord with me. Now I think I know why.

Was you involved with Stanford’s protein folding for team Arch way back then? If so, you were the one who was my inspiration, I wanted to see if I could catch you. Ah for the good old days.


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You mean you were hurt by my comment? If so that was not my intention at all - far from it. Some Arch users think they are so cool and have mad skills 'cause they managed to install Arch. I assume this is mostly kids - 'cause I refuse to believe adults behave like that. And they let you hear it 20 times a day that there’s only one way to do it. I’ve learned to ignore those people - as there’s no reasoning with them. Luckily they are few -but they make a lot of noise. Most of the people I’ve met that use Arch are nice people willing to help. Even the few times I’ve turned to Arch forum for help I’ve always got the help I needed without any disrespect. But go there and treat them as your personal helpdesk and demand help this second … :rofl: And I totally get it - they are all volunters giving up time to help others solve problems so I get it if they get frustrated sometimes by someone treating them with no respect at all. Kinda went off topic here now. But back to it - my comment was not meant to hurt anyone. I 've used vanilla Arch myself for the last 5 - going on 6 years now and life’s too short to start hating on other distros only because they have a different opinion than you. There would never even had been any Arch unless Judd Vinet disagreed with some stuff in Crux which he used at the time. So he set out to make the distro he wanted. And as they say - the rest is history :wink:


no sorry the name is just a mix of my two idols. Tux and James Bond :slight_smile:

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Just woke up and checked back on the original thread in the Bulgarian forum. They just keep piling on. Now somehow the thread has mutated to e debate whether Debian or Arch is better??? This was meant to be a review. I’m never posting anything on that forum ever again. I call it the imposter Linus syndrome - they are edgy and assholish but without any knowledge to back it up so they’re just plain ol` douchebags. Well sorry I let you down guys I really wanted to promote the distro to my country’s users but now it’s just a pile of shit inside of a thread.


Not by your comment, but by testimonies you reported. This is why I think EndeavourOS, ArcoLinux, Anarchy Linux and so on have to be used by people who know how to fix a system in command line interface.

Kids only? Well, I do not think so. Badly there are also grown-ups - biologically speaking - who are worse than kids relating to computing issues.

Let me guess… RTFM? :smiley:

Developers and trusted users are also on Archlinux forum.

I was searching for a more advanced linux based distribution and someone told me: “Hey, why don’t you try Archlinux?” I saw the light… :smiley:

Indeed. I started my archlinux travel back in 0.7.x days in 2009… I’ve know Archlinux before systemd and install scripts. Ouch, I’m kinda old!


I can only agree :joy:

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First of all, thank you for your effort to make a review of EOS, we appreciate that a lot.

Those people are always there, every day I receive messages like that through the contact form of the website and telling us we pollute the Arch thoughts with our amateurish and dumb choices.
Often those are written by people who didn’t try the ISO and compare us with Manjaro, the only reaction I show is to thank them politely that we’re glad about the feedback they gave, compliment them for the effort they’ve shown for the project and move on with the rest of the day.

Like everybody already said: Don’t worry about it.:grinning::wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I work in the service industry, and yeah…there’s jerks everywhere, and yeah that’s putting it nicely.

@Bryanpwo I’m shocked and appalled to hear that! A convenient installer and a handful of tools hardly seems “polluting” to me. I really appreciate the effort and energy you, the team, and the community has put into this project. :+1:


The fact that somebody will take time out of their day to PERSONALLY FLAME YOU is so ridiculous.You and your team are basically making a passion project in a segment that has been largely abandoned with the demise of antergos. Everyone has a right to not like it but to go out of your way to flame the devs wow… just wow


Look, if I will receive a nickel for each time I’ve got flamed, called names or otherwise, I’ll go on vacation.
I feel you, I’ve been in your shoes so many times.
People are people.
Being rude on forums or internet is so easy, being polite, helpful takes effort.
So, do what you feels it needs to be done.
Be persistent, promoting your view on Endeavour or be angry at lousy people.
As Swarzzeneger always said : Ignore the naysayers!
Cheers mate, we are here, and changing the world takes just time. So, chill.


@order As long as you Endeavour … change will come! In due time… :blush: