I Succeeded installing, Now what?

I am successful installing the latest iso with the Gnome desktop, and yay, and a few other apps.

I am not familiar enough to know what to look for or how to correctly even ask how to do what I aim to do next.

I noticed that adding the additional wallpapers doesn’t automatically populate in background settings or theme options, and I am not sure if there are other things I generally take for granted that happen automatically on most ubuntu based installations.

So- 1 how do I get those wallpaper images to show up in the settings (and how do I get things like this to generally happen automatically)?

2 what am I looking to even ask? please, I am 100% serious that I am not sure how/what to even ask, and therefore I am not sure where to look in documentation :(. I need help.

many thanks.

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Welcome @anon65044561, I hope you’ll enjoy the journey. :rocketa_purple:

I’m not using Gnome DE, so I can’t answer your first question, but, about the second, just think first what do you want to do on EOS and don’t hesitate to ask here about that.

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Welcome to the forum!

You should be able to browse to the wallpaper directory to select one of those wallpapers if you want a different one.

As for the other question, it is hard to answer that without a more specific question. Some general things.

  • Typing yay packagename will do a search for software named “packagename”. It can be partial or multiple words. So yay browser will return a list of packages with “browser” in the name or description.
  • EOS quickstart provides a simple way to install commonly used applications via a GUI

Welcome mate as said above don’t be afraid to ask questions here, we were all in your shoes at one point or another in our lives no one’s born an expert, I myself & far from being one

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Welcome to the forum and the purple side of Linux!

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I appreciate the quick tips and I am reading the documentation for pacman and aur/yay as I write this. I am not afraid of cli, but always appreciate a gui alternative way to do things.

However, this is the problem: I am not exactly sure what I am trying to ask. I feel like the base DE is incomplete. Is there a thumbnail autoviewer? When I installed, alt+tab didnt work, i had to enable it… If I install apps, will they be auto-detected? how do I map a view of apps/things to my Super key? these are just some of the things I noticed and make me wonder, when alt+tab doesnt work, and it didn’t detect that there are more wallpapers makes me wonder if there’s maybe something that didnt install right OR if everythng is OK, I am looking for a way to do the things I basically take advantage of and dont know it, AND what else I don’t know but makes me feel like I am missing something… I guess… I really am not sure how to ask this. :frowning: I am coming from Pop OS and Mac OS… I just want something smoother/faster than pop and less proprietary than mac… and I like Endeavour so far, but am ignorant…

Welcome to the forum!

Now you start using your computer normally. :slight_smile:

Install some software and use it. Or open Firefox and browse the web.

There is nothing you have to do with your new operating system, just the things you want to do. It’s your computer, use it in whatever way you please…

If you haven’t used a GNU/Linux operating system before, things will seem quite a bit different, because they are – and you may experience some discomfort with the unfamiliarity of the situation you’ve gotten yourself in. But, over the next few months, as you use your OS, it will start to feel comfortable. The challenge is not to learn new things, that is easy, but to to unlearn what you already know and to keep an open mind.


Now what?


Unfortunately I don’t know too much about gnome but if it is like xfce & KDE you need to select the directory the wallpapers have downloaded to in the settings to populate it with those ones.
Give it a month or so & you’ll be able to do most of the things you asked above with your eyes closed & with your off hand.
If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed/frustrated sit back & try to think about exactly what you are trying to accomplish & ask here, someone will help you.

Here is the challenge. You are expecting things to work like they did in your last distro.

However, that distro added customizations. We ship gnome in it’s default state. What you are seeing is how gnome looks/works out of the box.

Think of EOS like a mostly blank canvas for you to paint on and configure to your needs.

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I appreciate your philosophical view, and I indeed understand just that. Part of why I have avoided arch is because I dont have a huge amount of time to customize everything that I would expect in a modern complete OS, like MAC OR WINDOWS OR UBUNTU OR POP OS. get where I am coming from?

can you answer anything that I have asked or not?

First of all, welcome home. I assure you on EndeavourOS and this lovely forum you will never look back!

Let me answer you the other way round.
What do you normally do with your computer?
Listening to music? Watching movies? Browsing the internet?….?
Or perhaps tweaking, customising….

I was in your shoes. But it is much simpler through command line.
To install

yay -S packagname

To uninstall

yay -R packagename

To update/upgrade

yay -Syu

These are the basics!

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Mate he’s just trying to be helpful, it’s hard for people to answer you when you haven’t asked a clear question

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It wasn’t intended to be philosophical. I was letting you know the state of the situation.

What you are essentially asking is “How do I make this distro be setup more like I am familiar with?”

I am not sure I can answer that. The things you are asking for aren’t things that are there by default.

EndeavourOS is intentionally minimalistic. It is not intended to include everything you want. It is intended to include a minimal set of tools and configuration that you would then customize and add other tools to your liking.

If you want something that comes with a wide variety of tools “out of the box”, that isn’t what EndeavourOS is.

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Perhaps you might want to look at Manjaro, Garuda or Arcolinux?

I did, I settled with endeavour because I heard the community was good.

can you answer any of the questions I have asked? if not, I would kindly request you feel free to read until you can help me.

I’m afraid not.
But let me welcome you to EnOS’ community and wish you good luck on your endeavour!


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If you can answer any of the questions i have asked, please do. Otherwise you’re not really helping me out. I even said I don’t know how to ask what I am trying to ask, so I don’t know why he or you are commenting.

Perhaps you should start there :wink:


Well, EOS is a Terminal-centric Distro. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t use GUI to make things, just be careful of what you do on GUI apps.

EOS installs just the minimal configuration for every DE available on its repositories. It just works and customization is up to you, you’re free to decide what to install. So, just check what do you miss from other distros you’ve tried and search for what you need to install to get close to that.

I can’t answer this, because I’m not using Gnome.

Yes, all apps installed using pacman or yay will be added to the apps menu.

Search for shortcuts on Gnome Control Center and edit/add keyboard shortcuts.

Please try to clarify what you want to do, other way it would be hard to help you.

Yeah, EOS meet those requirements for sure.