I so very much hate Chevrolet right now

So got the new shift knob in for my Vette (07 Z51 6-spd Atomic Orange Metallic) as the stock one the core was actually melting, and it was off-center and some of the core was actually spewing out through the stitching. Seems there’s 2 types of shift knobs for C6 Corvettes. I didn’t get the right one. Of course, WHY would you develop 2 different types of shift knobs for the SAME CAR??? I chopped some room off at the bottom, cut off the parts of the mount that were catching on the linkage cover. Then find out that the internal shaft is also about 1/8" shorter, so while it now mostly fits I need to drill out that extra 1/8" so that I can lock it down via the lock screw. :frowning:

Just needed to vent. I hate Chevy. I hate Ford too right now (MT82 woes w/ Boss 302)


Have you installed EndeavourOS on your Corvette?


It’s a 2007…the ECU ram is measured in KB…I don’t think I can get it pared down enough to run on that!!

I do want an updated controller eventually. ALong with racing seats and an engine swap to drastically increase the redline (LS engines just don’t rev high enough for my tastes).


1st world woes… i dream of buying an ebike so i can travel about the city freed from public transportation and all the risks that entails during a pandemic and otherwise… Ads for them are the only ones i dont flag on facebook until i manage to buy one so i can stay up to date on all the latest offerings from retailers and places like indegogo

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That is true. I could have far worse issues if I lived in other places. Or just didn’t have a stable, reliable job in this country, as it’s rapidly devolving into a 3rd world country with iPhones due to our governments refusal to protect the health of it’s working class (rant for a different time and place).


I dislike, very much, cars, in general, since almost ever.


Perhaps we could go old school. Paris 1923.



major problems with my Chev products (1971, 1975, 1986)

saw in consumer reports reliability on new models is poor and necessary engine rebuild is more common on ones with mileage.

G.M. and Chevy made my do-not-buy list

If unreliability on new models is a reason not to buy a manufacturer, then your options are basically…Bicycle, moped, scooter, or walk. No manufacturers that are sold in the US are reliable, and that most definitely does include the once-reliable Toyota and the once-reliable Nissan.

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So am I, I haven’t even gotten my driver license yet.

They pollute the cities, they pollute the ears and they force people to do what they never really wanted to do.

IMHO, sorry …

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I’ve got the license and once when I was very young like 17-19 I kind of enjoyed driving. But After that I never wanted to own any car or to have anything to do with them much for the same reasons as yours. I have tried to adapt my life accordingly.

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That’s the best way, I think.

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Living in Phoenix it’s basically impossible to live without a car. The city is a sprawling city that’s some 50 miles wide, public transportation is sparse at best, and Taxi’s are very expensive. And trying to ride a bike or something in 115* temps is basically suicide.


Oh, I’m not green, I’m just sensible…

The way we have organized our life spaces make it in most places impossible to live without an automobile. If you ask me it is a necessary evil.

In my personal life I have manged to reduce the necessity so I ended up with just regarding it as evil.

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A lot of the big cities on the east coast I could live without a car. NY, Baltimore, DC, etc. They’re more veritcal than horizontal, so a car isn’t necessary. But out west, because most of these cities are a hundred or more years younger, they were designed to be large horizontally, so they haven’t had to grow vertically as much.

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You’re absolutely right, my friend!

But let’s let the people keep their toys…

You don’t have to defend yourself, it’s not a tribunal, just the EndeavourOS pub. Have fun! :partying_face:


Sure! I hope I didn’t come across as judgmental or condemning. I just put forward how I feel about things and how I have personally arranged my life conditions to live accordingly. I do understand that others have to adapt to their life conditions.


All good! :smile: