I really messed up and I think I deleted my crontab file on accident

While setting up my fresh install, I was frustrated while trying to get fstrim timer to work, because no matter what I did, it didn’t work, so I googled some advice and on a forum someone suggested editing the crontab. I typed “crontab -e,” which I shouldn’t have, and it displayed a ton of tildes. I panicked and tried to exit without saving, but the tildes were replaced with a bunch of A’s and B’s. I checked the tmp folder and the cron folder and nothing was there. Is there a way I can see the tasks that was on the old file and restore it, or a way I can get a default crontab installed? I know I really messed up now.

By default, users have no crontab on EndeavorOS: crontab -e creates an empty file and opens it in your $EDITOR (the tildes were probably empty lines in vim :wink: ). So if you deleted it, it is as if you’re on a fresh install. No big deal unless you had important tasks in your user’s crontab, which you added manually, in which case you have to add them again.


I was under the impression that I deleted something important, but phew. Glad to know it was nothing :slight_smile:.


Also, fstrim doesn’t use cron/ie:

sudo systemctl enable fstrim.timer --now


systemctl status fstrim.timer

To check.