I need help with setting a custom keybind/keymap

I’m mainly a windows user and on linux i miss this one shortcut, basically pressing left CTRL and left ALT activates the 3rd level (AltGr), but on any linux distro it doesn’t exist. I’ve been searching for a way for a long time and i give up. Thank you

Depending on what symbols you’re looking for, it might be possible to set your keyboard map to what you need. For example, I use EN-US-Mac which gives me this (ignore the extra key between Z and shift in the image):


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Maybe this helps:

man xmodmap

Hi, and thanks.
I believe that this is a step in the right direction but i’m too dumb to understand how to use it, i’m sure it’s like very simple but i just dont understand it. I’m a windows user afterall, if it’s not GUI then i can’t do it.

The problem is…
I need every key on the 3rd level which I can access with AltGr but I just want to access the 3rd level with left CTRL and left ALT, not a different key map. Thank you for responding.

I have been searching once again, but I still cannot find a easy way to make a shortcut for left CTRL and left ALT to activate right AltGr. I’ll try again later, it’s very late here.

After more searching, these commands fixed my issue.

setxkbmap -option grp:lctrl_lalt_toggle
xmodmap -e 'keycode  37 = Control_L ISO_Level3_Latch'
xmodmap -e 'keycode  64 = Alt_L ISO_Level3_Latch'

I’m putting these here incase someone else has this problem.


Here I come back, with another problem relating to this.
How do I save it permanently?

$HOME/.bashrc ?

How do I insert the script? The lines look different than mine so I don’t wanna break something…

Simply add your command lines to the end of $HOME/.bashrc file, using an editor like nano.
That should work, right?
Or is there something else?

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