I miss this OS a lot right now


I liked pc-bsd quite a lot and i wish it were still around and up to date. I would def consider quitting linux and going to bsd if i could find one that worked for me the way this one did back in the day. I recently tried Ghost BSD the installer seemed intuitive and has an automated tool to partition off you free space but thats were the fun ended because it required me to use a separate boot drive and when i tried to reboot it wouldnt boot because the boot drive it created was too big to load? Crazy wonky and frustrating. This link summarizes the problem in a nutshell: https://forums.ghostbsd.org/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=1804

So this person had the same problem and went to the help forum in good faith to get help and as of dec 16th 2020 there is NO reply as to what he should do to resolve the problem. This seems to be a common enough experience when looking at systems that don’t use systemd.

While it maybe true for BSD systems, I wouldn’t generalize and attribute the problem for all systemd-free systems.

I use only systemd-free OSes for two years now. None of them have boot problems, of any kind. Though these are Linux systems, not BSD.

And yes, you’re right, PC-BSD was a very good system.

The experience is the lack of actual help from the respective help forums. The actual problem is irrelevant.

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