I’m going to dual boot EndeavourOS alongside Windows10 and I had some questions

I have 1 HDD (500gb) divided into C(Windows 10), D,F(My personal data is stored here) & G
If i install EOS on my windows 10 laptop using manage partition say i install EOS in my G partition so would my personal data stored in F partition be safe?

Probably yes. To be on the safe side, you can delete a partition either via Windows Disk Manager or GParted and use the “install to unallocated space” in EnOS installer.

You mean i can clear my G partition completely and install the EOS there? and this would keep my data safe right?

keep my data safe
is not the best term… data is not safe if it is the only copy of the data. without backup, no data can be called safe.

It will not be touched if you do it right but it could be erased by mistake or failing of the install procedure … failing hardware e.t.c .

If you want to keep the data safe there is no way around at least one copy of it on an external device not attached to the system.


No, with notorious malware called Windoze 10 your data can not be considered safe.


Okay i will try all the methods as shown in the installation videos

and as for backing up my data is about 90 gb and i do not have any means to back it up

Windows is not even that bad

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yeah i dont know how to make partiition during eos installation

Sure, it is MUCH worse.


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You do not need to create /home only if you want too :wink:

For a newbie like me this went over my head

One thing that will be helpful is if you can tell us what kind of computer\hardware you will be installing Endeavour on? This will help us share any pitfalls you might experience.

Also have you installed any other kinds of Linux on this computer?

Personally I dual boot all 5 of my families laptops because it took almost 1 year to get them all fully over.

This is a good article about dual booting. Highly recommend backing up all your personal files before you resize your partition.


Wait a couple days. Two pack 128gb USB. 2 backups. $15.99

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And if you can’t afford to buy a USB and have a lot of time, you can use several different cloud platforms + free trial to store your information, install EoS and if you don’t mess it up, yay, no need for these accounts anyway, if you mess it up, rush to re-download everything if you’re using free trials so you don’t lose it. If you have privacy concerns, you can encrypt everything with veracrypt before uploading.

Way better to just buy the USBs, but if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it.

Of course, your data is safe, since you want to install EOS on another partition. Before installation, don’t forget to format the installation partition with the Linux file system you want (ext4, btrfs, etc.).

I can’t help but drop this link.


I learned 3 things from that incident:

never install any OS without good internet
quadruple check partitions
ask for stuff i need.

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I can say that only one save is not a save, but if the installation is done carefully, it will not affect anything other than the installation partition.

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