I just want to take the time to give some Kudos to the mods in the forume

I have been going through my profile for a few days and checked different options of what was possible and not. Just now I asked a question and a mod didn’t just answer the question he actually solved the problem for me and he’s not the only one - I think the mods in this forum is doing a great job and deserves cred for thatt. So at least from me - mods you are doing great - keep up the great work :+1:

You are a huge part of why this is such a good and civilized community -and you deserve to hear that.


Indeed. I’m only a few weeks in, but i can second that. I appreciate the tone they set and how things are handled, when the discussion gets heated (which happens and is normal, cause we are all passionate about the subject).
They do a fine job, that’s worth to be mentioned and to be thanked.
:1st_place_medal: :trophy:
I do like that someone takes the stand to call that out (-> @anon77235960), and i’m just cheeky enough to hijack that post :yum:


No hijacking - I’m glad more people feel the same as me - cause the mods here are doing a great job and they are a huge part of why this is the nice community that it actually is


That’s great @anon77235960 you pointed their great actions on the forum as well, without them, EndeavourOS just couldn’t be ! :penguin_face:


exactly - I think they are a huuuuge part of why we have this nice including community here - and for that they deserve some recognition IMHO


and don’t worry about the few weeks in - we’ve all been there :slight_smile:
Everyone got to start somewhere

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