I just wanna brag on EOS

I have tried a number of distro’s over the years, Ubuntu, Solus most recently. EOS has been the most user friendly, as well as a great group of mod’s and contributors. Thank you for all you do!

I was able to get everything needed for my daily job role up and functioning easily. It’s been my daily environment ever since. That’s super rare, you did it, (Borat “High five!”)

Perhaps we can get a mobile distro some day… :wink:


By “mobile” do you mean ARM devices?


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Yes, I should have clarified that comment further and forgot about the PINE Phone. I assume EOS ARM is in theory, capable of running any of the Arch AUR/Community apps? I use DUO 2FA daily, though it can be configured to trigger auth via text or call, so not a deal breaker. Teams, used daily with work when away from workstation. Those would be the main two.