I have done the Unthink-able on my disto-tester PC

I…I…partitioned it…I have decided to make Vanilla Arch a permanent resident on that PC. Turns out, it’s kind of nice having it as a “sandbox” to make sure I understand the documentation before making any changes or tweaks to my main PC running EOS. Feels kinda wrong though. That PC was always going to be a “wipe and restart” until I finally managed to kill it or it just became too old.


are you saying one partition is arch and the other is for distro testing? Or are you saying it now just has arch?

I created a “distro testing partition” and Arch has become a permanent resident on that machine.


I see. I just recently changed my “distro Hoping” situation too recently. Used to my laptop was my system for trying distros, but about 5 months or so ago I installed EOS on it and got it setup the way I wanted it, and now I don’t want to change it. So now on my desktop I have an extra 120gb SSD that I use to try stuff on. The only thing that stinks about that is that every time I install something new, I have to then change the boot order because the new distro always seems to want to be the default os to boot into when I want my NVME with EOS to be my main os.

Perhaps it could work to use efibootmgr to set the boot order right, already in the installer usb of the new os after the installation is done before you reboot.


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I will give that a try next time. I just alway go into my motherboard settings and then just flip them back to the way I want it.

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Grub Configurator is good for setting your boot order as well