I did it with my ex wife!

I finally did it. She has now an EnOS laptop!
I mean she just points and clicks, but after all this time I got her!
She actually thinks this is the latest Win 10, our kids are laughing but no one is telling her!


She really believes this is the new win 10!!!

Don’t make her believe, make her feel :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Great to hear that she likes it. Sometimes it’s just really easy.


Does your sense of humour have anything to do with her being ex?

Never mind - we’ll see what she thinks of updates - or do the kids take care of that? :grin:


Below the belt man, below the belt hit.
I’m proud of my sense of humor, so I’m taking you very seriously now…
She brings her laptop once per week for servicing…


Yeah - sorry 'bout that. Just like the mouth. sometimes the fingers run away! I do wonder what she’ll do if/when she finds out, though… There are so many possible reactions (from That’s why it works better! to That’s why no one else can do anything on it…)

Political BS

Which funeral house do I send flowers to? :thinking:l


…what a wacky idea, maybe the facts persuaded them?


It wasn’t my fault! (as all guilty people always say)!

You guys are actually killing me!

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Ex-wife. . . Deepin testing I hope?


No… No Chinese things happening here.

I just meant, it would be a horrendous nightmare for her. That’s usually what people want for their ex’s. . . that’s all.

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You have given the foot … you just…
I laughed a lot with the title of the post, good sense of humour !!! :+1:



I saw it and said oh god please tell me I don’t have to flag this :joy:


I’d love if my ex was still using windows and having to deal with it. But luckily I got no clue. I traded up, just like I did with the switch from macOS to Endeavour. :slight_smile:

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I too am happy to say that me and my SO are running EnOS, the same instance on the same machine! She’s a nimble lefty, very fluent in WASD and always by my side. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well… ex wife #1 is an artist and does her video editing on Adobe so no chance in hell she’s going to switch. Ex wife #2 is an avid gamer so no luck there.

I’ll keep to partners and friends when it comes to spreading the Linux gospel. :wink:

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She brings her laptop once per week for servicing…

Is this some sort of innuendo ?

Is this whole post some sort of innuendo …

What would it mean to put endeavour onto a laptop then ?

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