I can't use Gitlab repository

Hello everyone I recently installed EndeavourOS and I love it
But unfortunately when I want to install online mode it’s throwing error that I’m not connecting to the internet, while I am online
After several hours of struggling, I find out it is because of gitlab! Unfortunately gitlab block us and we can’t use it (I live in Iran)
I’ll changed the internetCheckUrl from https://gitlab.com to google.com and my problem solved! And the installation didn’t throw any error

But the problem is main repo for updating is from gitlab I want to change that to github, how can O do that? I don’t want to use VPN all the time

P.S. Welcome :rocket:

Welcome to the forum! :smile:

What exactly do you mean, which updates (i.e. which command(s)) are not working?

Just as a guess, you may want to modify this setting in file


Simply change the value from gitlab to github.

Out of curiosity, would you like to tell in which country are you using the machine?


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Good grief, centralisation certainly has its issues.

If there’s something on GitLab that is essential for EnOS then perhaps EnOS hosting an instance might be worth considering? It doesn’t need to allow public sign-up, or could use a third-party OAuth provider (Google, GitHub, etc.) to help limit spam accounts.

Sorry, didn’t notice that.

So did you need to change the value of the variable?
If not, then more information is needed.