I can't use Fcitx5 in Endeavor OS

I installed the packages fcitx5 and fcitx5-chewing on my Xfce desktop.

The problem is that no applications seem to work with Fcitx. Nothing happens when I press ctrl+space.

There are a few errors in the output of my fcitx5-diagnose, I’ve already fixed some myself, the rest are what I can’t find solutions for.

Here is my diagnosis output: https://pastebin.com/JkwdyyBj

Do you solve that?

emm I remove and install linux distro for some months. I konw how to use fcitx5 with KDE on arch,manjaro,debian,ubuntu. This time I try Endeavor with xfce. No idea. fcitx5 not work. Then I install Plasma and use it. Fcitx5 work well. Then I remove xfce…