I can't update lib32-pcre2

The system reports the availability of the update of lib32-pcre2 from version 10.43-1 to 10.44-1, however pacman cannot proceed because the new version needs pcre2 version 10.44, while it is installed 10.43. If I try to reinstall pcre2 it remains to the version 10.43.
What can I do ?

Could you post the terminal output with the error message?

Yes, we need to see the full output.

However, the most common cause is that /etc/pacman.conf was overwritten by incorrectly merging pacnew files.

Make sure the multilib is not commented out and that you still have endeavouros in your config.

Here is a working example if you need it:


Now the pcre2 update has also arrived … problem solved. Thank you

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