I cant install icewm

perl: for icewm-menu-xrandr [installed]
(2/5) install libfm [--------------------------------] 100%
(3/5) install libfm-gtk2 [--------------------------------] 100%
(4/5) install lxmenu-data [--------------------------------] 100%
(5/5) install pcmanfm [--------------------------------] 100%
Additional dependencies for ‘pcmanfm’
gvfs: for trash support, mounting with udisks and remote filesystems [installed]
xarchiver: archive management
:: Running post-transaction hooks…
(1/3) Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate…
(2/3) Updating the MIME type database…
(3/3) Updating the desktop file MIME type cache…
[pal@pal ~]$ yay -S icewm-themes idesk icewm-utils
→ Unable to find all required packages:
icewm-themes (Target)

There is no package named icewm-themes.

There is this, however:


Not sure if it is good, exercise caution as usual.

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