I can't install Endeavour

Greetings, dear community!
Finally decided to update my Frankenstein system (once it was Antergos). And it suffered a complete fiasco - the installer freezes at this step and nothing happens further…

What should I do?

I put it on my Thinkpad X220i. Memory is 8 gigabytes, SSD is visible in the screenshot.
Artemis Nova checked the checksum.

Try erasing all partitions on Partition Manager (top right button on Welcome app) before starting the installation.

If you executed installation on same session, please restart, so the disk would not be blocked by Calamares or any other app.

This can be done easily. But then there is a chance to remain without a system at all

Okay… I’ll play Russian roulette :rofl:

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Here goes the installation!
If all goes well, I’ll mark it as a solution to the issue.

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Great, I’m glad that it’s going fine! :partying_face:

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Thank you!
Everything was completed successfully!
Now I’m a full-fledged member of the community!


You already have been a full fledged member for a long time.
The only requisite is an interest in Linux.



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