I can't get waydroid to connect to the internet

Whenever I boot up waydroid the internet won’t work in the browser. It says wifi is off but from what I’ve read I guess it’s supposed to say that. But the browser won’t connect and says ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED. What I’ve tried is setting up the wifi according to archwiki.
I’ve run those firewall commands listed. I’ve changed the zone waydroid is in to trusted. I’ve also disabled the firewall to see if it would run.
However, when trying to change the packet forwarding settings in sysctl, it says “sysctl: cannot stat /proc/sys/1: No such file or directory” Although from what the current configuration settings say, the ipv4 forwarding settings are already set to 1, although ipv6 is set to 0. I don’t use ipv6 so I don’t know if that is necessary.
But yeah, any answers would be helpful. I’m relatively new to arch so I don’t know much.

Well of course I finally find a fix for it right after I make a post. I ran sudo systemctl stop nftables.service and then sudo systemctl start iptables.service and that seemed to get the internet working. Is that a good solution or is that possibly creating room for a bigger problem?

It seems you know your way around Linux/Arch, so you should be able to fix any issues that may arise.

However, as I learned earlier today from the Arch wiki:

Alternatively, install iptables-nft, which includes nftables as a dependency, will automatically uninstall iptables (an indirect dependency of the base meta package) and prevent conflicts between iptables and nftables when used together.

Note: iptables-nft works by providing implementations of the iptables commands that actually create and act on the nftables rules. However, rules created using the old iptables-legacy tools are separate objects, and iptables-nft will warn you if they are present.

You may need to look into this a bit to ensure you don’t run into issues. Reference found here:

PS: Welcome to the community! :enos: :wave:

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