I can not access to my win10 file in a external HDD


I have an old laptop (With win10) that is irreparable thus I decided to extract the HDD and plug in my new laptop (With endeavourOS), i found the carpet that I want but when I try to access it appears empty.

Thanks for the attention, I will appreciate your help guys

Do you have ntfs-3g installed.

What is that? (Sorry im new)

Install the package. It is a utility used to read ntfs file system.

yay -S ntfs-3g

You can look it up. Archlinux.org

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I checked and I already have it install

Te duirectories that I need are empty, Im sure there are the files I need

If you can access the drive and the directories are empty why do you think there are files there?

Another thing the directories have a lock, I dont know why the partition doest have any password

Because you haven’t taken ownership of it yet…if I’m reading you right. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Have you rebooted lately?

Run this command first with the drive plugged in.


Edit: Post the ouput

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thanks for the help, but I made a test.
And the problem only happen when I try to copy directly the directories with the lock, but when I copy the files of the directory individually it works.

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