I came back!

I posted some time ago about how I went back to Manjaro so I didn’t have to install everything myself.

I installed Garuda, and disliked it; there was too much going on.

I downloaded the Manjaro .iso, burned it, and it gave me “Error loading LightDM.”

I then reinstalled EndeavourOS, and, yes, I did install all the apps. I have a gaming machine, and Middle Earth:Shadow of War had given me 93 fps on the benchmark with Manjaro, and I got 98 fps with EndeavourOS.

Just sayin’.


Told ya it’s cool here, keep it rock’n’roll!!!
:partying_face: :guitar:

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Welcome back!

I should have stayed. Glad I’m running what has to be the best distro I have ever used!


Welcome back to the purple side.

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When things don’t work out, my fall backs were always PopOS or Solus, but since using EndeavourOS for the first time this year, I doubt I’ll ever need anything else.

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Totally agree about garuda, think they are just trying too hard to make "the perfect distro " and it just gets confusing. Manjaro is nice and very user friendly, most things preinstalled and lots of guis but bloated. Endeavour gives you a solid arch base with hardly any bloat and the ability to easily add any guis, flatpak etc you want

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Hey, Rick! It’s nice to see you back, both with EndeavourOS and on the forum.

I was thinking about you just a couple of weeks ago and went looking for your radio program. I am glad to see that it’s still broadcast online (but apparently no longer over the terrestrial airwaves). I had listened to your show on the WUSC stream, but my schedule hasn’t yet allowed me to catch your show on Our Generation Radio.

I think I’ve mentioned already on this forum that your show harkens back to the days when a talented DJ, like you, was as important to the show as was the music the DJ played. When I think back to '60s radio, I first remember the DJs I admired most. My family moved between countries a couple of times during the '60s, so I was fortunate to have heard (and to remember today) several talented DJs from different countries. Off the top of my head, I remember Johnny Holliday, Russ “The Moose” Syracuse, Terry Brandon, “Crash” Collins, Spangles Muldoon (aka Chris Cary), and many others.

For those who don’t know already, Rick continues a long and successful broadcasting career. Here’s a profile of Rick:


I had to read the credits at the bottom of the article to know for sure, but it turns out that the photo at the top of the article is more recent than the photo further down. Rick has always been a handsome man.

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Well, one of the first commands I entered was

yay -S pamac

I like having pamac; it’s not as snappy as Synaptic, but it’s handy to have.

I’m a different Rick Wrigley radio host.

I’m on, doing the Old Wave Show, every Sunday, 3-6PM EDT, at https://www.wcniradio.org

Hallowe’en music on Hallowe’en.

Welcome back!

Nothing else measures up once you’ve been on EndeavourOS for a while. It’s difficult for me to look past Arch when nothing else comes close to the AUR, and once you look at the different distros using Arch as a base nothing is as appealing to me as Endeavour.

Could there really be more than one Rick Wrigley radio host broadcasting old rock on the east coast of the United States today? I stand corrected and embarrassed. :confused:

It appears that that is the case. My birth name is Frederick, but I’ve been called Rick all my life. I’ve met two other Freds who went by Rick.

While I like the other Rick Wrigley radio host, I look forward to listening to the real Rick Wrigley radio host on WCNI.

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Real one is better! :guitar:

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I’ll be the judge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: when I listen to his program this Sunday. (I’ll try to listen, anyway, as I’m not in his time zone.) I like @oldrocker0909 a lot, even if he’s not who I thought he was.

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One of those is an efficient GUI front-end to the distro’s package manager.

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That’s wierd… I’m a Rick and nobody calls me Fred? :laughing:

Edit: Glad you’re back. I never left!

We can start doing that if you’d like us to?

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hei fred