...I am maybe back. Apparently I did remember my password to this place

Anyway, the latest hubbub from MS has made me think of putting Linux on my machine again, haven’t used it since my machine came back from the shop after replacing a faulty GPU two years ago (warranty, so that’s why I didn’t do it myself).

So, what better distro to use :smiley:


WB! Out of curiosity, what’s the latest hubbub with MS? What did they do now?

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Recall, mostly. Tho in practice it won’t help if you are on linux and someone else you talk to on say Mastodon has it activated and talking to you, everything that person reads on Mastodon you have posted will be recorded).

It’s just that they piss me off, the new leadership has passed from “slightly clueless but money hungry” to “tech bros that cannot fathom anything they suggest might be a bad thing”

Maybe welcome back :wink:

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Welcome back :wave:


I notice that you’ve shaved while you’ve been away @Beardedgeek72


Oh, wow. I didn’t even think of this. That whole thing needs to be scrapped! WTAF!?

So, that means that applies to more “intimate” forms of communication as well, like messengers, emails, video calls… WTAFF!?


Welcome back @Beardedgeek72

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Yeah, it is specifically mentioned in articles that say whatsapp messages will be recorded, in fact all “delete after a time” messages will be pointless.

HOWEVER: MS started walking this back as of yesterday, it will now be turned OFF by default. Probably because goverment agencies and large companies started yelling at them behind closed doors. I work at a Swedish goverment agency and we are worried af about this.

Well I haven’t installed anything yet. Probably next weekend.

Thank God for hackers? Words not often said. Otherwise, we would have this spyware running rampant globally, giving unethical hackers access to so much info.