I am genuinly frustrated wih latte dock please help me

I wanted to make my system look good.
Here is the tutorial I followed: https://youtube.com/watch?v=KH-VC_wWI1M&feature=share7

But when I use latte-dock the cupmond plasma layout has errors because of applets with the same ID, this is the error:

Error #E103: Different Applets With Same Id 

In your layout there are two or more applets with same id. Such situation can create crashes, abnormal behavior and data loss when you activate and use this layout.

  • Display Configuration [#133] inside System Tray [#17]
  • Contact [#134] inside System Tray [#17]
  • Media Player + [#139] inside System Tray [#17]
  • Instant Messaging [#139] inside System Tray [#17]
  • Media Player [#140] inside System Tray [#17]
  • Bluetooth [#140] inside System Tray [#17]
  • Text command [#133] inside Default Panel [#19]
  • Inline Battery [#134] inside Default Panel [#19]

Possible Solutions:
  1. Activate this layout and restart Latte
  2. Remove the mentioned applets from your layout
  3. Update manually the applets id when the layout is not active
  4. Remove this layout totally

When I edit the file and remove the conflicting applets and switch to the layout, the conflicting applets magically return like I never touched the file. And here begins the FRUSTRATION!!! I EVEN USED THE sudo chmod ugoa=r COMMAND ON THE LAYOUT FILE AND THE ERROR RETURNS!!! WHAT THE DUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

This makes me want to destroy my table.

Don’t destroy the table. Just don’t use latte dock. :wink:

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But I want to use latte dock! I like this dock, and also it supports wayland.

I use Wayland on Kde Plasma and i don’t use latte dock. Everything works no issues. I like having a desktop that has no issues. I like updating and having no issues. :sunglasses:

then what do you use? What is a good alternative and also I want that alternative to support that cupmond layout

I just use the standard plasma dock.

Edit: I have used latte dock in the past but i know it does have some issues.

but how do I make it look like latte-dock? and how do I use the cupmond layout?

I agree with @ricklinux. Plasma dock has lot of flexiblity and settings. Try exploring it yourself.

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I use the standard Plasma panel, too. Four of them, to be precise :slight_smile:

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It’s my understanding also that latte dock is no longer being maintained.

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What?! I didn’t know.

The last commit in its git repo was made 5 days ago, if that helps.

According to the comments in this link, the layout is apparently broken.

I also use the plasma standard panel.
There is no reason to use latte dock. Except for problems i had nothing with latte dock so far.

As the previous speakers mentioned, get smart with the Plasma standard panel and you have everything and much more than you really need.

You can set up your desktop wonderfully with the on-board tools

I read that somewhere. Don’t ask me where.

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I’m almost positive I heard this too somewhere. I think plasma isn’t going to get any better going forward.

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It’s main developer stopped developing it last year. Someone must have taken over its development

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I’m with all commenters who prefers plasma’s own. I use icons only task manager on my top panel as my dock.

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Absence of Latte dock, a thing I never used in my life, isn’t very likely to dramatically impact the quality of my Plasma experience. :man_shrugging:

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Ok. The conclusion is that I shouldn’t use latte-dock, thank you for telling me that it is no longer maintained

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