I am alive

That’s all. I haven’t been here in like two years.

Lots have changed since then in life.

But just wanted to say I love yall.

Waddle on!



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I am alive

Same here. Lot has changed in last 3 years. But I’m alive, figuring out the beautiful mess that life is.

I started using EndeavourOS when I was applying to universities. Now I’m working part time, soon to graduate.

Realizing that this may take the whole of a lifetime, I just asked The AI the other day:

Not any more wiser, but I settle on this, knowing that AI should know better :sweat_smile:

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That is such a long worded way for the AI to say it doesn’t know the answer :upside_down_face:


Right! But it sounds intelligent :rofl:


Joined October 2020

Welcome back! Also,

Greetings Fellow Humans, Human Fellas.

I didn’t expect to hear that in this forum :rofl:

I think the question is what does life mean to you? :wink:

Edit: We don’t need any AI to tell us what life’s meaning is. We need to figure that out for ourselves.

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AI has a long way to go… Deep Thought determined that the answer is :four: :two:


I asked myself “Why would someone come back 2 years later” but woah, @SuppaMan you have quite a lot of activity here! I am here for 1.5 yrs and I have 2 topics in total, you have 50 or something?