I accidentally turned off my mouse

I went into mouse and trackpad settings to turn down my mouse speed and I accidentally clicked a toggle that turned off my mouse and I have no idea how the heck to turn it back on. Sorry, I know this is kinda stupid. My DE is xfce BTW in case that’s important. Pls help me if you know how to fix this. Thanks :sweat_smile:

Open a terminal emulator (probably Super+T) and type into it:

xinput list

You’ll see the list of your input devices, find the name of your mouse. Then run:

xinput enable "your mouse device name"

replacing it, of course, with the actual name of your mouse that you discovered above. Quotation marks are important if the name contains spaces.

Hopefully, this will do the trick and you’ll be able to use your mouse to access the settings GUI and further configure it there.


If this doesn’t work, try to find out, where this config is saved and edit it using e.g. nano, to turn it back on.

I have a USB wireless mouse I keep on hand for travel and scenarios just like this. It was a solid $12 investment.

That GNOME 40 got me a few times. . . .

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Thank you!

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You should go click on his post to mark it as solution (options listed across the bottom)…

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