Hyprland compositor and NVIDIA's kernel settings

I would switch from kwin to Hyprland compositor but the Hyprland wiki shows some recommendations before starting it (anyway, it’s already running on my pc). The wiki talks about a series of settings in the kernel for the nvidia drivers and I would check them before trying to adding them and make some mess.
I already checked the arch documentation but, being still a newbie on linux using it only for a little more than a year by now, it’s still quiet confusing and too technical to fully understand it.
What method do you suggest for checking/adding kernel parameters?
Excluding the compiling method, I was thinking that the “runtime one” maybe is the best choice, but what could be the simplest? Using Grub? Modprobe? What is the best choice?
Is there someone that could post the procedure to follow without having to read pages and pages of documentation?
And finally, how can I set another compositor instead kwin? There’s no documentation about that.
Thanks in advance.