Hypothetical: Lost/Unrecognized Password?

No, it did not happen to me, yet :sweat_smile:

But these days anything can happen with an update. True, we have Snapper and Dalto’s brilliant wrapper Btrfs Assistant, but I see how ArchWiki offers 4 solutions.

Given this is Gnome and it is GDM refusing to accept the password. Of course we could go into the Grub menu and do it through the Advanced options

or we could we could you use TTY shortcut Alt-F2 at the GDM login.

So many ways, but which one would you use with Gnome on Wayland?

I have done it using the 3rd method once:


The 4th step in the 3rd method:

  1. Reboot by typing reboot -f and do not lose your password again!



I see

Just wondering if a French AZERTY keyboard would work.

I don’t know. Mine is QWERTY and it worked.

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Guess it must be registered with your wayland compositor first. Not sure about a standard wayland compositor used by Gnome (or if that’s up for the user to decide), but perhaps the compositor needs a file “00-keyboard.conf” somewhere, where user-settings (perhaps set in Gnome GUI) override system-wide settings (as usual).

From a shell, you can simply do

sudo loadkeys fr or something alike. I always have to do sudo loadkeys de-latin1 in my case.

localectl list-keymaps | grep fr might help you finding the correct one.

Also, see this.

And this.


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I usually just chroot in to reset a lost password.

That being said, I don’t see any way that an update could cause that to happen.

Also, that assumes that your machine isn’t encrypted. If you lose your encryption password, you are pretty much done.


Sudo I. :rofl:

Yet, this seems to show, yer not using Gnome-Wayland, or?! (Me neither…) :wink:

Thanks Uwe, very helpful links, worth keeping in my notes.
It turns out mine is just plain fr keyboard, but it is nice to have so much info on it, plus the Nautilus notes will come in handy if they fix the file manager.

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KDE anyone :rofl:

I’ve tuned down to i3, meanwhile, and I don’t own a single 'puter able to run Wayland, except in VMs. I’m more of a museum-type guy, or pawnshop when it comes to computer hardware, or audio. :wink:

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