Hyper-V EndeavourOS Installation failed

So I wasn’t able to figure out how to enable secure boot, so I thought about using EndeavourOS in a VM using Hyper-V.

I was able to boot into the live os using the ibt=off flag, but I wasn’t able to install it.
I am getting this error: Boost.Python error in job "hardwaredetect"
Log: https://termbin.com/j8t7j

Has anyone else experienced this before?

That needs to be looked at. I am not in front of a computer right now but I will take a look later this morning.

You might try seeing if you can find a copy of the previous ISO, Cassini Neo and see if you can install from that.

Thanks for your answer!
I was able to get EndeavourOS running using Cassini Neo!

I still have one question, do you know if there is a way to pass the GPU to the VM?
Currently I only get 60fps using Hyper-V. If not, then that’s fine for me!

I don’t know if I hyper-v supports GPU passthrough.

Hi, there, I also encounter the same problem when installing EndeavourOS in Hyper-V. I am running a Windows 10 Enterprise machine. My install log is: https://termbin.com/hz49

It would be my pleasure to help figure out the issue. Please tag/DM me if you need someone to test out any fixes.

The simple answer it doesn’t And if you can read about the GPU support here. Hyper-V is a very strip down version of Microsofts Virtual PC. They have been removing it and in Windows 10 they have a minimal version. Just enough stuff to run a VM.

They stopped offering the free version in their server edition of the Windows Server 2022.

But there are far better virtualization solutions out there. Like QEMU, VMWare, or VirtualBox. QEMU has the capability of GPU passthrough. I think VMWare also supports that (not sure). I would advise moving to one of the better virtualization solutions than Hyper-V. It’ll also solve the 60fps issue you’re having.

Got Boost.Python error in job "hardwaredetect" with VirtualBox today too.

I am not sure if it’s related to this issue, but here is the log in case anyone need it.


Hi guys same issue here. 12th gen i5 - lenovo e15 gen4 - running iso in hyper V, attempting to install. Love Endeavor!


@Ovear, @lt3 we are aware of the issue. Until it is fixed, your best bet is to you the Cassini Neo ISO.

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