Hybrid mode automatic usage of dGPU

Hello everyone! I wanted to ask some nvidia related stuff. I have a hybrid laptop amd/nvidia with KDE Plasma Endeavour. I carefully followed guide how to install nvidia drivers and optimus manager and everything works alright! But! When I chosen hybrid mode in optimus manager my games don’t use dGPU at all!
I searched internet and found variables that should be pasted in game launch parameters in steam


But is there any way that OS will figure it out without it (and without prime-run)? I remember when I was using Fedora it was working fine. Really hope that it’s possible in Endeavour because I like this system :heart:
Here more info about my hardware:

Linux doesn’t support fully automatic hybrid mode like Windows does. Not on any distro.

There are various solutions you can use to force the use of one GPU or the other and various tools that let you switch back and forth but nothing that works seamlessly like Windows.


Thanks for making it clear. Have a nice day!

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