HP Printer

Good Day
I’m having trouble getting hplip to detect my printer. When trying to add my printer I get a error that hplip cant detect a printer in my network. I do not have a firewall installed and the cups set up page wont detect it either. I can add it using it’s ip address and it works fine, but every time the ip changes I have to screw with it again.

What method are you using to detect it?

Under “show advanced options” in HP Device Manager there are multiple discovery protocols you can choose.

Will discovering it help with that? Doesn’t it get added by IP even when you discover it?

Does your router/dhcp support static reservation?

With my Brother printer, one can go into the options in the printer itself, and set a static IP address. Does the HP offer the same option? Static IP is the best method of discovery.


Brilliant. I did not know I could do that. Static ip set and will keep my fingers crossed


Download: sudo pacman -S --needed hplip python-pyqt5
Start GUI: sudo hp-setup -u
Select 2nd option: Network/Ethernet, then
Advanced Options: Network discovery method: [mDNS/Bonjour]

For each wanted printer:
Select it in the list, click [Next] (…wait…)
If needed, modify [Printer name], [Description] and [Location]
When done hit [Add Printer].

When all done you can find your printers in [Menu->Print Settings], and/or [Menu - HP Device manager]