HP printer support checked does not start cups.service

when installing a system with the HP printing support checked, I’ve noticed it doesn’t start the necessary cups service for it to actually work. This causes the printer to show up in hplip discovery, but it won’t stick around in the device manager and printing/scanning is not possible.
A fix for this would be to start cups.service during install.
It could very well be an issue with my specific machine, if you need any additional information I will be happy to provide.
ISO was Atlantis Neo 21_5

On Arch-based distros, when installing services, they generally aren’t enabled or started by default. Typically, intervention from the user is required to start them.

  - name: "cups"
     mandatory: false
   - name: "avahi-daemon"
     mandatory: false


it would start cups if you tag the general printing group also. May you only tag hp printer/scanner ?

So it could be partly a BUG … as we could simply add the cups package also to the hp-printer/scanner group so it would enable cups also if you forget to tag the general cups/printing support…

As dalto points out. If we start enabling every service that comes along, that would result in a lot of services running constantly in the background and never being used. They would be running for no purpose.

This used to be Microsoft’s answer to services. Enable everything then less trouble calls, and every thing “works out of the box” whether it is needed or not.

Linux takes the opposite approach. Let the user decide which services they need or don’t need and only enable needed services. Running un-needed services uses more RAM and CPU cycles. TRIM THE BLOAT.


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The thing is: the user did decide that he wanted the service started (because he ticked the checkbox for it in the installer). But I do agree that services should only be enabled when you actually need them, so when the box is not checked there would be no reason to start the service by default.
I’m sorry if I misunderstood, but then what exactly is the purpose of the “Enable HP printing support” checkbox in the installer? It installs the hplip package but doesn’t start cups to, well, actually enable the printing support…
From a user standpoint I would assume I would be ready to go after choosing this option in the installer

So the question is should be enabled by default or should the verbiage be changed to “Install HP Printer Support”?

it is called:

- name: "Support for HP Printer/Scanner"
  description: "Extra Packages for HP Printer/Scanner"

and idea was to have it in addition to the default printing support to make it possible to not install hp stuff if you do not need it … but installed is not able to add other groups if one is chosen.

- name: "Printing-Support"
  description: "Support for printing (Cups)"

And I do already change it to install and enable cups if you only choose Support for HP Printer/Scanner
For the upcoming release ISO…
So case is closed.

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