Hp printer disabled

Hello, installed EOS a while back and it’s great, everything I need is working.
But now, about a week ago after running yay to update the system, periodically the printer becomes disabled.
Printer is an HP Deskjet all-in-one.
Anyone else having this issue or can shed any light on how to stop it?

Have you replaced the ink cartridge lately?

No need, still plenty of ink left.
If I go to the printer settings and enable the printer it then works, so something in EOS is disabling it

And you have all needed drivers like hplip, cups, etc. installed?

I don’t have a HP printer, so hopefully someone who has could help here chimes in.

Thank you Manuel, all required drivers are installed. It’s just from time to time the printer will not print, when I check the properties for the printer, the enabled checkbox is not selected, re-electing it the printer works again.
I’d just like to know how to stop it happening

It might help if you can show the journal right after this problem happens, something like:

sudo journalctl --since="5 min ago" | eos-sendlog

or if this does not show the reason, then

sudo journalctl -b -0 | eos-sendlog

and share the output (address) here.