Hp Envy x360 ay0xxx audio issue

Hp Envy x360 13-ay0xxx speaker issue in Linux

Hi, I tried various Linux distros, including Endeavour Os, on my HP Envy x360 13 Ryzen 4500u but they all share the same problem, all speakers but the front ones won’t work and so the audio experience is definitely worse compared to Windows where the subwoofer worked. I tried some guides for previous models that had the same issue using HdaJackRetask but none of them seem to work. Has anyone got a solution for this? Thanks in advance to everybody

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Please read through the following article linked to here below and post some info about your system.
This would be indispensable to those forum mates who are able to assist you!
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Thanks for the link!
Here are all the system logs

Let me know if you need more info