How to watch a long movie on battery on XFCE EndeavourOS without display being switching off each 5 minutes

I didn’t find the answer by myself. This is my first post here. Hope someone can help me.

So, I installed EndeavourOS with XFCE several days ago and tried to watch a movie using Celluloid.

My disappointment was when I realized that on battery my laptop keeps switching off display after each 5 minutes of not moving a mouse. Sound keeps running.

I tried to find out how to prevent XFCE from switching off my display when Celluloid is playing media, but couldn’t find a solution.

So, if you know how to prevent display from switching off when Celluloid is working, I’ll be glad to hear your ideas.

A little offtopic, but related to the issue:

The display is keep working on a plug, when battery is not using.

I tried to set Power Settings to Never for Display off, Suspend and so on, but it hasn’t helped.

There is a package called caffeine-ng in the AUR that keeps the display ON and prevents it from sleeping.

If you want to install it to try it out: (you might have to select 1 when you choose to install it)

yay -S caffeine-ng

Here’s their github for more info if you’re curious:

And here is the AUR page I’d recommend reading briefly before installing and if you like it enough, consider giving it a vote!

Also a quick side note, IF you have tlp installed you might have to disable that since it sets certain parameters when on battery mode to limit draining the battery.



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I’m not OP but that’s really cool. My display was always shutting off when I played games on Retroarch with a controller.

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I believe this is the most simple solution. I’ve checked, it’s worked.


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