How to use firewalld or else to block Internet connection of application (such as wps)?


I do not want some programs to connect Internet at background. not means wps do that thing.

On windows, there are diferents parts in wps. I can use a program(360, huorong) like firewalld to stop a part of the wps to connect the Internet. In most case, I will disable all parts of wps to connect Internet.

On linux, I find there is a tool called firewalld.

releant info

I have read Firewalld- arch wiki and search via Bing. such as How to Restrict Network Access Using FirewallD Ravi Saive July 18, 2020. These texts show how to block port/service/ip. But I want to know how to block a program. like firefox or wps.

  • firewalld : 1.2.1-1 enable and running
  • nftables 1:1.0.5-1 disable by default

I don’t think that Firewalld blocks applications, it blocks network traffic.

You might try opensnitch. I don’t use it but I believe it is capable of application level blocking.


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