How to use AMD P-State in Linux 5.17

Same here, all the 5000 & 6000 series are using amd-pstate through the amd-pstate=passive boot parameter, the only 4000 series I have left (for now, I may give up selling my other one) still doesn’t have support for it in bios even though the cpu does support it.

It’s not a big issue whether it’s using pstate or not. My 4700U works great. I have no issues with it.

Agreed, not a major issue, but would be nice to get that slightly better efficiency offered by the lower frequencies available with amd-pstate vs. acpi-cpufreq.

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I think for more powerful dekstop processors it is an advantage but on the laptops I don’t see a huge difference between the 4700U and the 5500U for instance.

I do see a pretty large advantage on my 5700U and 5650U vs. my 4650U. The 5650U is the better comparison overall since they’re also both the same company (Lenovo), although different lines (L14 G1 AMD 4650U vs. K14 Gen1 AMD 5650U). The good thing for comparing them is they have identical LCD’s, same amount of ram, so they’re about as similar as you can get for 2 mostly different laptops. :smiley:
I actually don’t use ANY low power states on my desktop. I think I tested and it DOES support amd-pstate, but I don’t bother using it as my desktop is obviously never on battery and was built as a “powerful enough but high efficiency” desktop, with all parts chosen for their relative decent power usage (3700x vs. 3800x for 65-watt vs. 105-watt TDP, 5600XT for fairly low for a pretty good GPU 150-watt TDP, etc.).

I am hoping to upgrade to a 7900 (non x) this year for the 65-watt TDP on that and 12 cores. Probably not upgrade the GPU at this time, though.

So found a somewhat humorous side effect to using AMD pstate.

On my 7415 2-in-1, I’d been noticing that the multi-finger tap and gestures were no longer working for the last several months (yeah, I can be a bit slow to getting around to troubleshooting minor issues). So started looking into it, and it seems that it requires the i2c_hid_acpi kernel module for those to work. But because I had switched to amd-pstate from acpi-cpufreq, it was no longer being auto-loaded (I don’t know why the touchpad doesn’t trigger loading it). So now I had to tell it to load that module on boot so that my touchpad works correctly.


is this already in?


only in patches

not inside kernel 6.1 ( or 6.2 )

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the EPP will come with 6.3, but not the autonomous/guided mode:

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I dont’t think so. Dissapointed

I still think so:

EPP is added in 6.3, autonomous mode is something else

the new state “active” enables EPP when running 6.3. autonomous/guided state EPP is yet another expansion that is still to come.

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oh thanks

Has anyone encounter the issue of using Pstate in 6.1 resulting in worse battery life compared to acpi-cpufreq

mode guided State EPP v3 for linux 6.4

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