How to update multiple EOS systems from one machine on the same network?

Just thought I would ask this, since I can’t seem to find a thorough description in the forum and I hope it will help someone else regarding this topic.

Ready! Set! Let the suggestions begin…

Thanks all.

On each machine, open a terminal and type yay :wink:


Thanks but I meant to say
" Is there a way I could update all systems from just one meachine."

I know…but I couldn’t resist…

Is this more in-line with what you are looking to do? It describes how to create a shared pacman cache that all your machines can use.

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Nice one.

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No I was hoping for a command line way of just logging into the other systems and executing update commands.

Enable sshd on the other machines. Then you could ssh in and run whatever update command you prefer.

I know this is asking a lot but could you point me to a wiki or forum page for instructions.
Better yet give a real world example of how you would do it.

Thanks again.

On the remote machines you can start and enable sshd with

sudo systemctl enable --now sshd

Then from the local machine you type

ssh username@ip

Replace username with your actual username and IP with the IP address of the remote machine.

Enter your password and you have a prompt like you would at a local terminal

If you need to know your IP you can type

ip a
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Great thanks for your help!! I’ll start it as soon as I get done setting up KDE, NAS box, etc…

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I use RealVNC. Some times I need to access my system when I’m on the go and SSH using a phone is kinda crap. Plus I like a GUI way of doing things. This way I don’t have to remember any IP addresses, just the password I set for each device.

If you are going to use ssh, make sure you tie it down tightly, as soon as you run the daemon the entire world will try and break in :smiley:

Tcp_wrapper is probably the easiest method to protect, along with good passwords.