How to update apps via discover?

Hi. I’m new to Endeavour and Arch in general. I was wondering if it’s possible and if so, how do you set up the pacman and yay updates to work through discover?

The reason I ask this question is I was watching a YouTube video showing the Arch Linux install from beginning to end, and KDE DE was used in that install. On first boot it showed discover in the app bar, so I am assuming it’s possible?


You absolutely should not do this.

Discover relies on packagekit and that deliberately doesn’t support manual intervention. This is required on arch-based distros.

Discover should only be used for flatpaks and KDE user-installed add-ons.


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what’s the worst that can happen?

And just to be clear, you’re saying it’s possible but not recommended?

Your system can become unbootable or otherwise broken during an update.

It is possible for repo packages but not AUR packages.

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Well, looks like I am retiring the Discover app tonight. Been using it on Debian for years, lol.


Discover works fine on non-rolling distros like debian, ubuntu and fedora


Discover works fine on Tumbleweed too. I actually prefer it over YaST.

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I don’t know an incredible amount about openSUSE. I’m assuming you’re talking tumbleweed and not leap. . . But I do not know how they do manual intervention type things similar to Arch. It may not be the same at all. I admittedly know very little about it. Other than it uses zyper which I thought was strange to actually type, so I got lost trying it.

Zypper in openSUSE, including Tumbleweed, has a feature called “zypper dup” (Distribution UPgrade) that is used for system upgrades. When there are manual interventions required during a system upgrade, Zypper usually provides clear instructions on how to address them. These interventions could involve resolving package conflicts, handling configuration file changes, or other issues.

Zypper is designed to be user-friendly and informative. When manual intervention is needed, it often pauses the upgrade process and prompts the user with detailed instructions on what needs to be done. This allows users to make informed decisions about how to proceed and ensures that potential issues are addressed before completing the upgrade.

Users are encouraged to carefully read and follow the instructions provided by Zypper during the upgrade process to maintain a smooth and trouble-free system upgrade. Overall, the manual intervention process is aimed at balancing automation with user control to ensure a stable and reliable system.

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