How to take over Endeavour XFCE Session settings for a new user

Hi, just created a new user and noticed that the XFCE session does not have the same settings as the “original user”. For the new user I see a quite classic (debian like) settings with a top panel, no whisker start menu and so on.

What should be done to get the “endeavour” settings on XFCE for new users?


For getting EnOS’ Xfce4 theming, please see:

That should happen automatically. Did you remove the settings package?

i created the user in terminal. I did not remove any package. But to be more specific: which settings package? I could check if I have it.

Btw, I have managed a workaround where I have copied the settings from the “original” user. As the system was quite fresh all was ok :slight_smile:

endeavouros/endeavouros-skel-xfce4 3.4-1 (35.3 KiB 47.3 KiB) 
    pre user creation skel setup for xfce4 under EndeavourOS
endeavouros/endeavouros-skel-default 1.9-1 (17.4 KiB 11.0 KiB) [EndeavourOS] (Installiert)
    pre user creation skel setup for GTK and xfce4-terminal under EndeavourOS

endeavouros-skel-xfce4 is what we use to create skel folder settings…
check if it is installed: yay -Qs endeavouros-skel-xfce4

if you use something like sudo useradd -m -G wheel -s /bin/bash username it would use these when installed (reading from /etc/skel)

But it will not change user setting for users already created if you would go install the package now…

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