How to switch lockscreen language?

My computers are always set to US-English but the lockscreen still shows the date in german. It’s not really a big issue but I wonder why this happens and how to change the language on the lock screen?


In Regional Settings > Region & Language, which format is set for Time?

It says “Standard format for American English”

You need to have right time variable in /etc/locale.conf

Like if I want to have my log screen time in finnish the format I use in /etc/locale.conf is:



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Thx, will check when I’m back home.

I’ve set it to en_US and it works! Thank you!

Time is in 12h format (AM/PM) now but I guess switching to en_UK would be 24h. But I don’t really mind atm, it’s fine as it is now :slightly_smiling_face:

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