How to start diagnosing hang on login?


Relatively new installation, currently in a triple boot with Manjaro which I’ve been using for about a year or so now, and Windows 11 which I use once in a blue moon to update firmware on some hardware (mice gnerally), or perhaps try something in GamePass.

I’m running Gnome on an AMD card.

Anyway, got almost everything I need installed and behaving well, but I’ve noticed on the last few logins that something has started misbehaving, since perhaps 1 in 3 logins it hangs and cannot switch TTY or move the mouse or anything.

I have to hit the power button, which luckily does seem to cleanly shutdown, as can see the logs as it shuts down, so it’s not completely hung.

I suspect one of my gnome extensions (I use pop-shell, dash to dock, app indicator and system monitor next), but I don’t have enough experience to diagnose it. I suspect it might be the latter since I’ve been trying to set it up as I have it in Manjaro (and can’t find it’s settings file, annoyingly)…

Anyway, if it happens again and I can then reboot and login successfully, where should I be looking for clues? I’ve seen a few posts with journalctl mentioned, but not really sure how best to use it.

Appreciate any help.
Need to log now, but I’ll check back tomorrow for any guidance you may have!


you have 3 OS’s mostly getting along on the same disk.
You have a 66% failure rate logging into Endeavour Gnome which means a hard reboot 2 out of 3 loigns.

When you are successful, you type in PW and hit enter and success.
When it gets to the hang/freeze stage had you typed your PW in and pressed enter then freeze? Or just froze before you got the change to login? Might be significant to someone reading, I don’t know.

First thoughts were:
a bamboozled mix of systemd bootloaders and grub bootloaders not in sync.
Display manager.
dash to dock was made for Gnome, no?
Pop-Shell very interesting. Extensions as a possibility too.

None of these things would explain partial success to me, though. Hardware/firmware?
/stream-of-consciousness out—hope you get better replies/

Thanks for the response.

I have 3 OSes on 3 different SSDs. There is one EFI partition with Refind on it which also has the Manjaro bootloader on it, then another EFI partition with just Windows’ bootloader and another with just EndeavourOS. This is all working fine.

When I login I type my password and get the desktop.
When it hangs I type my password and it hangs bringing up desktop.

All the things I listed as Gnome extensions, so they are my top suspects too.
In the office today, but I’ll have another look later. I’ll start by disabling the monitor extension, since that’s the latest change.

Quite unlikely to be hardware since has been solid in Manjaro for a year now.

Thanks again for your response.