How to set up cjk fonts so japanese characters don't get pixelated?

As the title says, I have all noto cjk fonts installed, and other cjk fonts like the adobe ones, ipa and some others, but the problem is that i don’t use those fonts as my main fonts, I use noto sans regular for gnome interface and variants of the same for text, monospace, etc. However cjk fonts still appear pixelated, this is resolved by setting up the default font to the cjk font, but I also sometimes change my font to something more stylish like SF Pro or whatever font I feel like and all cjk fonts get pixelated again. I deal a lot with chinese and japanese text so this is quite the annoyance for me.

How can I set it so noto cjk is always used for cjk fonts instead of whatever pixelated font is used while preserving the ability to have another font for latin characters?

I’ve read the archwiki and tried some things like editing the font.conf files and different specific font files on /etc/fonts/conf.d/ but I am very sure I’m doing something wrong or something because no matter how much I change the files the outcome is not the desired one (don’t worry I made backups and I’m using the defaults right now).

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Hello @NoNameFound404 and welcome to the :enos: forum.
I am surprised no one has replied to you, and your unanswered post is now 13 days old.
Have you seen this old 2013 thread here?

For someone here to help, you start by posting the url which is output from:

inxi -FAZ --no-host | eos-sendlog

Hopefuly, that will get you help :wink:

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