How to see the permissions and the folders in two columns in Konsole?

Hello everyone!

I’m hoping to get some help with some questions I have for the fish terminal that I have.
The first question is how I can see my password when I’m executing a root action in the konsole like “****” and the second question is how I can customize my fish terminal like the picture:


I want to see the permissions and the folder in two columns. Is it possible?. Thanks in advance.

Both are doable - but I gave up bothering with ****** a while back - so I’ll have to look it up again!

Same for the dual pane - though I think looking up broot might be fruitful (complete terminal filemanager but easier).

Hi @Andre6-dev and welcome to EnOS’ forum!

If you want to have visual feedback in form of ******* in terminal when you type in your password:

Get root access

sudo su

Backup /etc/sudoers

cp /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers.bak

Run visudo command to edit /etc/sudoers

EDITOR=nano visudo

Add pwfeedback to the line with Defaults env_reset

Defaults env_reset,pwfeedback

Save the file by pressing


Exit root access