How to rollback brtfz

Hi all, I updated the other day and now kwin is restarting when ever I try to start firefox and oddly btrfs-assistant. I want to revert to an snapshot from a couple of days ago, but not sure how from the command line. I thought I could use snapper but when I try sudo snapper rollback <number> I get an ambit error. Any help how to rollback to a previous snapshot would be great.

Btrfs Assistant also has a command line interface to restore snapshots. Run btrfs-assistant --help

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Btrfs-assistant --help gives an error
“qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect to display”

That is quite strange. Can you copy/paste the command you ran and the output so I can see what is going on?

since I was having issues with kwin I was trying to run it without logging into the gui. From the gui in a terminal window it works. From tty4 I get the error that it can’t connect to the display

Hmm…I will have to look at that.

So I tried to restore a snapshot from a couple of days ago using btrfs-assistant and when I reboot I get an error that says /elf can’t be mounted. Not sure what to do now

On no…not the elf :scream:


But seriously, are you using systemd-boot? If so, you need to chroot in and run sudo reinstall-kernels. You may have some cleanup to do in /efi too but you can deal with that after you get back into your system.

:grinning: now I’m back up and running thanks. Going to clean up my efi folder and try updating in a few days to see if works

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