How to prevent screen from dimming while watching a video?

I am running KDE Plasma on my computer and I noticed that whenever I am watching a video on my web browser the screen dims after a few minutes of inactivity, which is really odd cause that never happened to me before while watching a video on Plasma. If it is relevant, my web browser is Ungoogled Chromium and I am using the flatpak version since the AUR one takes ages to compile.

Is there any solution to this problem that does not require me to completely turn off the “dim screen” option manually while watching videos?

Have you tried installing from prebuilt binaries?

I haven’t used any flatpaks on Enos, but installing from prebuilt binaries may give you a better experience than flatpaks

Have you tried other browsers to see if the issue occurs with them as well?
I would think that it might very well be related to the power settings of your system. Not being a diligent KDE user, I am afraid I cannot be of more help :blush: