How to permanently set workspace switching keys on icewm?

If I set the keys to switch workspaces in icewm through it’s menu, it resets the next time i restart icewm, is there a way to set it permanently?

Initially, if you want to use customize by user
cp -r /usr/share/icewm/ ~/.config/
Having done
Settings/Preferences/KeySysWorkspace KeySysWorkspace1 Super+1
Settings/Preferences/Save Modifications # this modifies the

preferences file in ~/.config/icewm containing

#  Goes to workspace 1.

Rebooted and checked (with Super+1 /2). It seems to work.

I switched to icewm-session as it supports startup either in ~/.icewm or ~/.config/icewm
and now config files are in

Based on

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thanks. You can also in the menu where you can configure the keys hit the save modifications button to make the changes permanent, I think the way you described is bettter though.

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