How to open a foreign name folder in terminal

How to open a japanese folder name in terminal.
For example, when i typed in:
There are several folders name in the current folder appears.
One of the folder is in japanese name, how do i open it without japanese input method ?
Is there #number that i can enter so that it will choose the japanese named folder or whichever folder is the number in sequence ?


If you use zsh as your shell you can use tab completion.

Type cd a space and then hit tab repeatedly until it comes in.

I don’t think that works in bash though.

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How do i know what shell i am using, zsh or bash ?

I tried “cd” a space then tab … it listed out all folders available even the foreign language folder, but i can’t seems to able to highlight the folder.

echo $SHELL

It will be bash by default.

if you do not change the shell you will use bash is the default on EndeavourOS.
bash completion defaults to only show all folders but does not use tab to choose one then
on zsh it works like so:


Copy and paste the directory name from the terminal into the terminal?


Wow! Zsh shell is so featureful.
I just watch a youtube zsh vs bash. but the authur of the video only mention the part regarding ls and cd on files in zsh vs bash. He is able to run terminal one for bash and one for zsh shell. How can that be possible ?
Can i change the shell to zsh ? what should i know before change the shell ?
any different in the way zsh shell to bash that i should know , before diving in and regret or diving in and can’t use terminal anymore because the way to use z shell is not the same ? for that i am reading, but just in case i rush through it and missed out something important.
how to switch between shells ? or like that guy , run 2 different shell simultaneously to try thing out.? or i should read up myself, less being complained for asking without searching in google. :sweat_smile:]
Just read
$chsh is to change shell

I will open quite a bit of foreign language folder in the future… i guess… hence, it is good that i switch to z shell…

Ok, i have got a lot to read on zsh shell. I am just afraid i waste to much time on it, because i don’t know how much should i know… i don’t need to know everything that an expert know… i just need to know what i need basicly. Just like bash shell, i am just using it basicly… i don’t do theme and stuff that might cause damage to my system.,not now.

Can someone tell me what i should read and what no need to read, so that i won’t be all over the place ? “all over the place” and get nothing done is my bad habit. bad habit which i am so pissed off. i admit it

One thing i also need to know (and afraid) is:
if i change to zsh shell, will what i learnt on bash shell no longer work on zsh ? and i have to relearn some of them ?

If you’re totally unexperienced with zsh a good place to start is oh-my-zsh

Then later on - if interested - you can build your own more minimal zsh config. But o-my-zsh ootb is pretty neat to start with
Can find it here

a very popular zsh theme that goes fine with oh-my-zsh is powerlevel10k and it’s very customizable - and that you can fine here;


I think you should stick to Bash, until you get a bit more experience. You can just copy and paste the directory name, as @jonathon suggested.

Just do


To list the directories, select the directory name you wish to cd into, using the mouse, and then type


hit Space and press the middle mouse button :mouse: to paste what is selected. Hit Enter.

And contrary to what other users suggested, I strongly advise you NOT to use oh-my-zsh. It’s absolute rubbish, in my opinion, which will only slow down your terminal. But more importantly, if you are going to use Zsh (which is an excellent shell), your should learn how to configure and customise it yourself. Of course, that’s just my opinion, you’re free to do whatever you want with your computer.


zsh is mostly compatible with bash. There is very little re-learning and you don’t need to use the extra features. Personally, I always switch my shell to zsh.

An easy way to play with it is:

sudo pacman -S zsh zsh-completions

Then type zsh in your terminal and play around with it. If you don’t like it, you can remove it.

I agree with this. oh-my-zsh is a pig which serves to complicate your experience only for the sake of easy to configure themes.


You mean i can try out zsh in my current system ? :thinking: what is the different between trying it out and installing it ? since it is “$chsh” able. I would love to try it out without the fancy stuff first…

A shell is a program like any other. You can run it in the terminal. So if you install Zsh, you can run it from Bash (like @dalto suggests, by typing zsh), you don’t have to change the default shell using chsh. And when you’re done using Zsh, you can return back to Bash by typing exit.


Well can only speak for myself - but I started out with omz when I switched to zsh and it made everything easy in the beginning. The drawback was I added tons of plugins so everything ended up being very bloated - learned my lesson and second time I used only a few of the plugins and I can’t say I in anyway say regret I started with omz

Just to make me clear of what you said:
You meant if i have installed zsh and rebooted.
Now it is in Zsh, I can just type “bash” in zsh terminal and i can be in bash until i type exit ?
and vice versa ?
I am not going to install now, but want to be sure what i understand is correct.


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No, just install it, don’t reboot.

Then type zsh and you will be in zsh. Your default shell will still be bash.

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You don’t need to reboot when installing zsh.

Once you install zsh, bash will still be your default shell. So when you run Konsole, the shell will still be bash.

From bash, you can run zsh, just like any program.

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 cat /etc/shells
# Pathnames of valid login shells.
# See shells(5) for details.


That means i can type $sh or $git-shell to play around with “sh” and “git-shell” whatever it is ? and exit